The First 12 Steps

by Penzo Gritty

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From drug abuse and alcohol to rehab, fatherhood and integrity; such are a few of the myriad of themes that resonate behind the score of Penzo Gritty’s boombap. The Montreal born hiphop artist is known for his signature gritty sound that is delivered by the medium of his notably grimy vocals that compliment a tone that caters to the yearning ears of hiphop heads nostalgic of a late 90s boombap sound with a more contemporary edge. Undeniably, a Penzo Gritty verse, is no stranger to a narrative structure that brings a simple 16 into much more than just a vacant rant as it is woven within the fabric of a well-cadenced configuration of personal trials and tribulations. Here, Gritty's hiphop connects listeners to the story of human urban struggle on a more universal level. Undeniably, the gritty melody to Penzo’s sound is directly synchronized with his personal growth from emcee to now emcee-father.

World view, conspiracy theory, street politics as well as real-life experiences and detailed testimony are what carry Penzo’s listeners through a perspective that challenges the listener with even half-a- dome to relate. Jagged and sincere are the adjectives that would define Penzo Gritty. His style is raw, authentic, genuine and uncut with a delivery that brings realism to the fore. After having his own struggles with alcohol, Gritty was compelled to narrate the 12 steps to sobriety. 2009’s, The First 12 Steps, was his highly acclaimed confessional that was to be compounded by the aid of stellar bars and production that left a significant mark on Montreal’s indie hiphop scene . In order to bring his sonic textures to life, Penzo’s soundscapes are what weave the soundtrack of a web that is grounded to the most original core of hiphop’s essence. Undoubtedly, the man’s hardships and personal biography are what shape the essence of his grind, content and delivery. After countless guest appearances on records in the Montreal hiphop scene, summer 2013 Gritty will be releasing debut album alongside NL5’s Verbal as The Low Rise. With a history in graffiti art, Penzo Gritty directly narrates the ups and downs of a life in hustle that bore the brunt of abrubt subway bum naps, scraps and homelessness. Penzo Gritty is currently working the next phase of his career by keeping up public appearances whilst opening shows for major acts as well as currently recording his new solo project .

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released December 12, 2009

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